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 Zaragoza application

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PostSubject: Zaragoza application   Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:37 pm

1. Name, Race, Class?
Zaragoza, Human, Mage

2. Do you have a functional Ventrilo 2.1?

3. Do our raids hour suits you? ( 1800-2300 every raid)

4. How old are you?

5. Where are you from? Do you speak and understand english well?
From Czech Republic. I hope so Smile

6. Do you have and other Raiding experience from raiding instances? Pre-TBC instances and TBC-instance
Only from ZulGurub, LBRS

7. What specc are you? and are you willing to respecc for PvE purpose?
Arcane + fire (3 min mage) 40/21

8. What guild were you in before apply'd to us and why did you leave?
Strazci noci, The Exiled, Unique

9. Tell us about your gear? (Link is realy most wanted)

10. Know anyone in the guild who can put in a good word for you?

11. Is this your first MMORPG game?
No.. Lineage2, Asherons Call

12. Why do you wanna join us?
Because u r best guild on server Razz

13. And why would we pick you?
I think i am active, friendly man Smile
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Zaragoza application
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