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 Wintershark's aplication

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PostSubject: Wintershark's aplication   Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:33 pm

1. Name, Race, Class?
WinterShark, Human, Warlock
2. Do you have a functional Ventrilo 2.1?
3. Do our raids hour suits you? ( 1800-2300 every raid)
4. How old are you?
5. Where are you from? Do you speak and understand english well?
From Czech Republic. I hope:p
6. Do you have and other Raiding experience from raiding instances?
Pre-TBC instances and TBC-instance
Yeah from Zulgurub and LBRS
7. What specc are you? and are you willing to respecc for PvE purpose?
I am Destruction now for going some instance...
8. What guild were you in before apply'd to us and why did you leave?
I was in The Exiled i leave becose all members there going only together and they dont invite to group other players:( and i was in Execute no long only for fun...
9. Tell us about your gear? (Link is realy most wanted)
10. Know anyone in the guild who can put in a good word for you?
I dont think....
11. Is this your first MMORPG game?
No i was playin Laneage 2 but WOW is better:)
12. Why do you wanna join us?
I think you are one of the best guild on SB and i realy would like to join and go instances, raids, etc....
13. And why would we pick you?
I think i am activitaly player and i could be good member:)
14. Is there anything else you would like to add in your application?
I said all and hope to inviting:p Very Happy
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Warlock Classleader, Admin
Warlock Classleader, Admin

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PostSubject: Application   Mon Jul 09, 2007 8:20 am

Ill contact you in game and if all seems good expect an invite xP
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Wintershark's aplication
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