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PostSubject: Application   Tue Jun 26, 2007 10:41 am

1. Name, Race, Class
Windwhisper, NightElf, Druid

2. Do you have functional ventrilo..
Have used it before with Hex, but haven't got on atm

3. Do our raid hours suit you.

4. How old are you

5. Do you have any raiding experiance
Yes, but not on any burning crusade raids

6. Tell us about your gear..
All blue, apart from 3 pvp epics, the heavy cloak, and the wyrmhide belt and bracers

7. Know anyone in the guild
I know Moshimoshi, and perhaps others

8. Is this your first MMORPG

9. Why do you wanna join us..
Because you are a raiding guild.

10. Why should we pick you.
Team player, available for raids, and as balance druid, the +5% crit helps out the raid party if no other moonkin, or can act as a mix of dps and healing.

11. Anything i want to add.
Have alchemy and herbalism as professions, and first aid, haven't chosen specialisation in alchemy yet, and would be happy to chose whatever the guild recommends.
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