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 could i be able to join your Guild

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PostSubject: could i be able to join your Guild   Fri Jun 22, 2007 9:48 am

Race-night elf

2. yes i do

3.Yes they meet my times excellent tongue

4. 15

5. Yes i have raiding experience as i have been to Karazhan a couple of times

6. my Gear is all rare(blue) and i have some arena teams and i am saving for some of that gear and weapons and my gear is all mostly relevant to being a hunter.

7. well...i hope so i know bjorni and maybe moshimoshi

8. before i got this game WoW i used to play warcraft 3 which is like this this but you have to build an army your self and you had to work as a team and in a the ranking for it i was on the 3rd page out of 15 pages at rank 362.

9. i would like to join your guild so i can have some fun and play a great game and experience great raids with great players and learn some new things about the guild and the game ofc.

10. i think i would be a good choice as i am an active player i play everyday after school and when i am off and also i am a good player and i am not the person to take the mick of of other players or make fun of them if they are new to the game or class.

11. no not at this point in time and i would would just like to thank you for reading this and if you would not like me to be in the Guild i would be ok and not take it in a bad way.
P.S if you try to whisper me on Brucey and i am offline i will be on my alt druid named:Druidmasta also on spinebreaker realm
thank you
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Hunter Classleader

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PostSubject: Re: could i be able to join your Guild   Sun Jun 24, 2007 6:34 am


Thanks for your application!
At the moment we have more then enough hunters with the one that is transfering from another realm soon.

We are today 5 hunter in the guild and in every raid there is hunters beeing left out because its very rare that more then 1, max 2 hunters fit in a 25 man raid. Or 1 hunter in a 10 man raid.
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could i be able to join your Guild
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