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 Ricecake's Application

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PostSubject: Ricecake's Application   Mon Jun 18, 2007 10:17 am

1. Name, Race, Class?
Name: Ricecake
Race: Gnome
Class: Rogue

2. Do you have a functional Ventrilo 2.1?
i do indeed

3. Do our raids hour suits you? ( 1800-2300 every raid)
Depends if i'm working that day, if i'm not, then yes its perfect

4. How old are you?
18 years of age

5. Do you have and other Raiding experience from raiding instances?
eeuuurrmmm - PreBC - MC, ZG,BWL, Onyxia's BC ..... Kara

6. Tell us about your gear? (Link is realy most wanted)
if you can't view (because armoury fails!)

4x epic armour from kara + heroics
2x Epic dagger (OH-arena, MH- Nightblade)
2x pvp equips
rest are blues

7. Know anyone in the guild who can put in a good word for you?
They mostly all migrated QQ

8. Is this your first MMORPG game?
My 3rd, first was Ragnarok Online, then Lineage,

9. Why do you wanna join us?
is there anyone who does NOT want to join you? :> anyways, because you seem like a nice community guild, and to be quite honest, most guilds on the server are slow, and you seem to be the most progressed and organized guild in Spinebreaker, very appealing.

10. And why would we pick you?
I make very nice sausages.... i like to think i'm reliable, will always listen and learn from my mistakes, i won't complain or be pissed off and whine if i don't get into raids or events, uum, can't really think of anything else to put in

11. Is there anything else you would like to add in your application?
I work as a Games specialist in a Gaming company - therefore i work around 3-4 days a week, i will try get a stable timetable if i do manage to get in your oh-so-fantastic guild, but unfortunatly i work most weekends which is rather annoying,

i work from 9:30-6:30 and get home around 8-8:30 gametime on average, unless its a sunday which i get home at around 7 gametime

Can respecc to anything you want
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PostSubject: Re: Ricecake's Application   Tue Jun 19, 2007 5:57 am

Awsome application, rly nicly written.

However atm out Rogues status are kinda overpopulated so im afraid we cannot agree to take in another rogue.

Thanks for your application and gl on your search for another guild.


Officer Of Save the Murlocs
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Ricecake's Application
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